Seismic In Motion (SIM) - September 24 & 25, 2019

Each year in late September the CAGC hosts a two day field trip called Seismic in Motion where we showcase a wide variety of activities encompassing Seismic in the Oil and Gas Industry including some of the industries' newest technologies.

This is the one event where we bring the industry to the community; over the past couple of years the CAGC has teamed up with CAPP, the CSEG Outreach Committee and Energy Safety Canada to sponsor over 300 U of C, MRU, SAIT and CBE High School students and teachers. In addition a diverse group of interested participants come from all over to experience the day - Government Regulators, Industry personnel, Aboriginal Interests and Public Stakeholders just to name a few. We have taken the saying "Walk a mile in their shoes" literally; in fact our success lies in the fact that we spend the day walking it together.

Photos from past events

Videos from past events

Seismic In Motion 2014

Seismic In Motion 2007
This year's edition of SIM 2007 was submitted for the consideration of the Mayors Excellence Awards - and won! The CAGC was awarded the 2008 elite Mayors Excellence Award for the category of 'School to Work Transition Programs'.

Seismic In Motion 2006
Seismic in Motion 2006 is a joint venture between the CAGC & Energy Safety Canada that covers the SIM 2006 experience and also educates the viewer on the various seismic courses offered by Energy Safety Canada.

Seismic In Motion 2005
Seismic in Motion 2005 provides detailed information about the seismic Industry.

Seismic In Motion 2004
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