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Energy Safety Canada Committees
The CAGC is one of six (6) founding members of Energy Safety Canada (previously PITS and PSC). Energy Safety Canada was created to represent the Oil and Gas Industry on a common level for Industry-wide issues of training and safety. The CAGC has a number of seismic course offerings housed with Energy Safety Canada which have been developed by the CAGC for the CAGC in order to maintain a minimum standard of training in particular seismic operations. In addition the CAGC sits on a number of broader HSE committees at Energy Safety Canada representing the seismic industry along with the other Oil and Gas Trade Associations (CAPP - Big Oil; SEPAC - Small Oil; CAODC - Big Rig Drilling; PSAC - Well Service and Supply, CEPA - Pipelines).

  • Chainsaw Certification
  • Seismic Blasters
  • SFOS
  • BC - EAC
  • SK - EAC
  • COR - Standing Protocol
  • Energy Safety Canada Board of Directors
  • H2S Alive Committee
  • ODCC
  • Process Safety Committee
  • Safety Culture Committee
  • Executive Task Force Committee
  • TDG

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