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Replacing iButton with newer technology - magazines will have both tags and iButtons on them this year.

  • MagCheck System replacing iButton System Info - Click Here

The MagChecks App, which uses NFC technology to read the asset code and serial number from the NFC Tag, only works with Android phones currently with iPhone support coming in 2019.

By design the app uses the Cellular Connection of your mobile phone to send the acquired data to the cloud for review and audit purposes. However, the application does not require a Cellular Connection to function. Once the MagChecks App is installed using either a Cellular Connection or Wi-Fi Connection, the app can function in Airplane Mode (NFC and GPS must remain active) in the areas where radio transmitters are not allowed or in cases when license holders wish to use non-active cellular devices (cell phones without active SIM cards).

The MagChecks App will record the NFC Tag and GPS data and once connected to a Cellular or Wi-Fi Connection the app will access the Internet and upload the data. A web browser is used to utilize the database and reports.

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