The Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors (CAGC) has created a variety of career brochures to provide information on the types of occupations and careers that can be found within the Seismic Industry. There are four elements that make up the seismic industry (well, technically there are six if you include Permitting and Reclamation): Survey, Line Construction, Drilling and Data Acquisition; within each element the CAGC has outlined an example of a typical career path experienced by individuals who work in our Industry - please keep in mind, this is just one example of the career path that can be found. Exactly where an individual chooses to go in this Industry is completely up to them.

These brochures provide an example of what can be expected while working in the field; they do not replace employers job descriptions, physical demand analysis or any documentation provided upon, during or after employment. In the case where information provided by an employer - to an employee - differs from what is listed on this site; the employer's documentation and information will supersede that provided by the CAGC.

Careers in Seismic

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