CAGC Board of Directors - March 2019 - March 2020

Last Name First Name Position Company Segment
Burkholder Forrest Chair SAExploration Data Acquisition
Ropchan John Past Chair TGS Canada Spec Seismic
Doyle Mike President CAGC
Bilger Roger Director Wolverine Group Service and Supply
Bourdages Eric Director MicroSeismic Inc. Micro Seismic
Chapdelaine Ivan Director LXL Consulting Ltd. Seismic Land and Field
Chatenay Allan Director Explor Geophysical Ltd. Spec Seismic
Cicoria Andy Director Lorrnel Consultants Seismic Land and Field
Dooley Dan Director Bertram Drilling Corp. Drilling
Foster Orrin Director RPS Energy Canada Ltd. Seismic Land and Field
Freake Jim Director Heli Source Ltd. Service and Supply
Hillier Chad Director Tampit Inc. Service and Supply
Iverson Doug Director Doug Iverson Consulting Consultant
Jackson Terry Director Eagle Canada Inc. Data Acquisition
Machon Shelley Director Shelley Machon Consulting Consultant
McCallum Stewart Director Austin Powder Ltd. Service and Supply
Moore Cam Director Cossack Land Services Ltd. Seismic Land and Field
Smith Robert Director Remote Safety Service Inc. Service and Supply

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