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The CAGC Youth Recruitment project, Careers in Oil & Gas - Youth Series - The Seismic Industry, consists of 18 interviews with individuals in key positions within the industry. Essential questions are answered in order for the viewer to make an informed career choice, and what to be prepared for.

The introduction video, available to the right, gives a brief description of the Seismic Process in order to educate those who are not familiar with our industry. Below is a clickable image showing all 18 interviews, separated into their various phases.

Using your mouse, move your cursor over each figure, then click to be taken to the video for that particular interview. A new window will open up, taking you to the CAGC's video on YouTube, while keeping the CAGC site available as well.

See some photos from the filming of Careers in Oil & Gas:

The Filming of Careers in Oil & Gas - 83 Pictures

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