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    Seismic Blasters Experience Log Book is available through the CAGC.

    Members Price: $10 + GST
    Non-Members Price: $20 + GST
    Payment is required prior to shipping. MASTERCARD and VISA or cheque accepted.

    Log Books are used for all operations within the seismic industry (including blasting) in Canada and are an individual's record of their work history and competency. Starting in August 2003, a Log Book will be given to each person upon completion of the Energy Safety Canada Chainsaw Faller Competency Program and the Seismic Blasters Safety Training Course. Individuals who have completed these courses prior to 2003 are required to purchase their own log book.

    A pdf image of the log book covers are attached for your reference.

    Chainsaw Operator
    Seismic Blaster
    Geophysical Locator

    Seismic Operations and the Landowner - BC
    Seismic Pamphlet Info - AB (Read Only) (Editable)
    Seismic Information Pamphlet - SK

    Permit Forms

      Order Quantity Per Book Price
    Non-Member NOT AVAILABLE
    CAGC Member 0-74 $17.65
      75-99 $16.30
      100-149 $15.05
      150-199 $13.90
      200+ $12.75

    Please note also that

    1 box of Plats = 30 books
    1 box of Permits = 30 books
    1 box of Releases = 40 books
    No reductions for boxes until they reach the above scale

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